John H. Reynolds, Jr.


New Jersey Manufacturer's Ins. Co.
301 Sullivan Way
West Trenton, NJ 08628
Attn: Anthony Dickson

Dear Mr. Dickson:

I wish to thank you for stepping in regarding my loss. As you know there was a substantial delay with my claim and I went months without a car. I appreciate NJM taking the time out to make sure that my claim was finally handled accordingly.

I also want you to know that Joe Conguista and his staff at Collision Pros are extremely professional and courteous. Mr. Conguista and his staff went beyond any expectations that I had in helping me get my car from (name withheld) so that the repairs could be done. (Name withheld) gave me a hard time when I tried to get my car sent to Collision Pros, demanding that I pay their bill. However, Collision Pros stayed right on top of everything for me by making phone calls to NJM and (name withheld) to get my car.

All the repairs are done and I finally have my car back. I am extremely pleased with the job that was done and the overall outcome of this situation. Once again, thank you for your assistance, and a huge thanks to Collision Pros and staff.

Truly yours,

John H. Reynolds, Jr.